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From Zuckface to Blogface

When Social Networking Goes Too Far

After much deliberation and coffee, I have decided to take an extended vacation from facebook. "Wha—Wha—WHY?!" you ask. Because facebook interferes with my life in a way that makes me itch, psychologically. It's an itch that won't go away. Mostly, it's a privacy issue.
I had to become a fb settings Nazi in order to understand and control my shared info, only to find out recently that I had given every one of my favorite applications permission to access my personal pix and videos. I don't think that I want to do that, but if I wanted to keep my cat profiles updated on Catbook, I had to give that app permission to access my personal photographs and movies. Yikes. And, I had to give that app permission to post on my wall. More yikes! How do I know who is at the other end of catbook? Some crazy facebook addicted cat hoarder, perhaps? And, what if one of those people decides to hack the app and somehow gain access …