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Thursday, December 30, 2010

10 Great Gifts for 18 to 20-Something Guys

Review of Holiday Gifts 2010—For Guys

1. Airline Gift Certificates ($10 & up)
For young adults who travel regularly between home and school or between your home and wherever they are living, an airline gift card is a great idea, especially if you know which airline they prefer. The following airlines offer gift certificates:

Alaska/Horizon (Link to purchase online from Terms & Conditions)
Delta (purchase at a ticket counter)
Virgin America (Gift travel points through their Elevate program)

This would be a good gift for anyone who likes to travel! Be sure to check the Terms & Conditions for travel restrictions, redemption procedures, luggage fees, and purchase methods.

2. Socks & Underwear (GAP crew socks 3-pack $18)
It wouldn't be Christmas without socks and underwear, so find out what style they like, which brand they prefer, confirm their size preference, and put several new pairs under the tree. Stick with everyday neutral colors for socks (black, tan, khaki, white, navy, brown). GAP is great for socks & boxer shorts, and this season, shipping is free for purchases over $50. Men's socks are not currently on sale, but they are durable, comfortable and affordable:

3. Twelve South BookBook Hardback Leather Covers for MacBook Pro ($79.99) & iPad ($69.99)
These are neat, protective covers for the MacBook Pro and the iPad that look like leather-bound book covers. They come in 2 styles, red bound & black bound, and in 2 sizes for the MacBook Pro, 15-inch and 13-inch. The iPad bookbook cover measures 8.3" W x 10.6" H x 1" D and fits the standard size iPad. To best disguise the MacBook Pro, the BookBook cover is not recommended for white MacBooks. Available from the Twelve South website:

And, this neat vid describes the iPad BookBook:

4. iTunes Gift Cards ($10 to $50)
These are available online through the iTunes store, or if you happen to be at Safeway doing your grocery shopping, they are available on their gift card rack.

5. Cash! ($10 to $20)
Walking around money, great for stocking stuffers and really good for nieces & nephews! My sister & I send each other's kids $10 each at Christmas time every year. We also give this amount for birthdays. Graduations get $50. Young adults are cash strapped all the time, so a little scratch in a cute money envelope with a personal note is immediately usable and very much appreciated. For all of you cheapo, everything-has-to-be-equal types out there, stop grousing about who is spending more, you or your sibling. Adult kids will remember that you always sent them a little extra cash.

6. Netflix ($7.99 for 1 month, no DVD instant view on a Mac, PC, or TV)
This is a nice gift for anyone who likes to watch movies. Netflix makes it easy to give a gift subscription from 1 month to 1 year. This is also one of those great no-brainer, renewable gifts.

7. Ableton Live Intro Software ($99 for the download, $139 for the boxed version)
Sophisticated software products for writing, producing and performing music. This is rich, mind-blowing, fun software for the smarty-pants recording engineer.

8. McKlein USA Briefcase / Laptop Carrier / Leather Messenger ($140 - $300)
Beautiful, professional bags for job interviews and other important meetings. Great selection for men & women; youthful and stylish. My daughter bought a pink leather briefcase from this company.

9. Old Spice 16-Hour Odor Blocker (Deo Fresh) Body Wash (around $5)
I bought this for my husband at Target as part of an Old Spice Swagger Shower Set, which also included deodorant and other shower items. Super nice for guys of any age!

10. Victorinox Swiss Army Backpack ($95))
A good back pack is a mainstay for 18 to 20-Somethings. Victorinox adds security, quality, and style to the mix. Luggage Pros is a recommended e-tailer from the Victorinox website, free shipping & returns, plus PayPal & VeriSign security.