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Friday, December 31, 2010

10 Great Gifts for 18 to 20-Something Girls

MissMatched Socks
Review of Holiday Gifts 2010

1. Fine Jewelry ($150 to $300)
Diamonds are a girl's best friend! The little velvet box is almost as good as what's inside. Go for the classics, a delicate pearl bracelet or a pair of diamond stud earrings. A gold charm or a semi-precious pendant necklace will go over like gangbusters with most women, regardless of age.

Tiffany's cultured freshwater pearl bracelet ($250)
Tiffany's Paloma Picasso Sterling & Gold Espresso Cup Charm ($150)
Tiffany's Elsa Peretti Sterling Open Heart Pendant Necklace with Aquamarine ($275)
Macy's 14k White Gold Diamond Studs (1/5 ct. t.w.) ($300)
Amazon 14k White Gold Round Diamond Stud Earrings (1/4 ct. t.w.) ($166.32)

2. Fashion Jewelry (Under $75)
So, you don't want to spend over $75, but you want to get her something nice? Sorelli jewelry specializes in semi-precious stones and high quality Austrian crystals. Delicate & bold, this jewelry is affordable and youthful. Mix & match the pieces in each collection or follow the designer's suggestions for matching items. Look for new seasonal collections. Nordstrom's also carries some Sorelli pieces.

Sorelli Snow Bunny Three-Tiered Drop Crystal Pendant ($74.80)
Sorelli Snow Bunny Swarovski Crystal Earrings ($35.20)
Sorelli Snow Bunny Emerald and Oval-Cut Crystal Bracelet ($143)

3. Boutique Chocolates ($12 to $23)
Give her something other than Godiva next year. I have personally tried each one of these, and they are exquisite. If you happen to be traveling through the Las Vegas McCarran airport, look for the Ethel M Chocolate counters in each of the gate areas. The website is not showing the alcohol-infused cocktail chocolates, which are available at the EM counters. They also make a line of kosher chocolates.

Poco Dolce Bittersweet Chocolate Sea Salt Aztec Chili Tiles (8-Tiles $18)
Recchiuti Fleur de Sel Caramels ($23)
Ethel M's Sugar-Free Double-Dipped Macadamias ($12)

4. Cash!
Cash is always a good gift! 18 to 20-Somethings love getting extra cash for the movies, lunch with the galpals, or after-Christmas sales. I'm not talking about paying off her credit card, but a few bucks in a gift envelope is something that young adults appreciate and need. Checks are outmoded and tedious these days, so stick with actual cash.

5. Custom Designed Starbuck's Gift Card ($15, $25, $50, $100)
Starbuck's has a fun little alternative for purchasing a custom-designed gift card! I like this because it adds a personal touch to the standard choices that are available on gift card racks, and it's easy to do online. The cards are also renewable from the Starbuck's website:

6. Japanese Tabi Socks ($14)
Ankle-high to mid-calf with a split between the big toe and the rest of the toesies, these are cozy and super cute! We originally found these at the Japan pavilion in Epcot, but Amazon carries several designs for men & women.

Tansu Tabi Fashion Socks for Women

7. Miss Matched Socks ($8 for a 3-Sock Pack)
As long as we're talking about socks, these are super-fun, casual socks that come in packs of three, and none of them match. I wear these when I travel because they're fun to wear through the security check-points when I have to take off my shoes!

Little Miss Matched Women's Zany Black Anklets (shoe sizes 4 to 10)
Little Miss Matched Women's Zany White Anklets (shoe sizes 4 to 10)

8. Personalized Yearly Calendar ($20 to $30)
This is fun for the crafty types out there! I do this every year for various relatives so that they can remember to send birthday cards and/or gifts for special occasions. Start collecting holiday stickers and stickers for other occasions. Stock up on flags, hearts, stars, and birthday stickers. The total cost depends on how many sticker packs you buy.

Around Thanksgiving, buy a new year's calendar and a multicolor pack of Sharpie laundry markers. Use the darker colors to write in birthdays and other upcoming important events. It's fun to write in anniversaries and remembrances, as well. Highlight your notes with fat highlighter markers. Purchase calendar-sized mailers at calendar stores and at Barnes & Noble. Make sure that your calendar fits the mailer!

Mrs. Grossman's Stickers ($2 to $5 per pack)
Pocket Pigs of Pennywell Farm 2011 Wall Calendar (Amazon) ($9.93)
Sharpie Accent Tank-Style Highlighters, 12 Color Pack ($8.12)

9. McKlein Winnetka Leather Women's Briefcase ($120)
These sleek professional-looking briefcases come in seven contemporary colors. My preference is for the Legally Blond pastel pink number, but they're all beautiful. This retails for $180 on the McKlein website, but you can get it on Amazon for less.

McKlein USA W Series Winnetka Leather Women's Briefcase

10. Waterford Crystal Heart Ring Holder ($65)
Every girl has rings, but there aren't very many ring holders out there that have an heirloom quality. I love these little ring holders! This one is practical and makes a lovely gift.

Macy's Waterford Heart Ring Holder