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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This Week—The Trekkie Corner: Getting My Geek On!

This goes without saying...
Commuicator ✓  DAMN IT JIM teeshirt ✓  Stuffed Tribble ✓  

In celebration of our empty nesthood, we're finally going to attend the official Star Trek convention this week in Las Vegas at the Rio.  Instead of driving to Target and listening to kids complain while their moms pick out industrial-size packets of Bic pens, we're happily going to cast aside our dignity and rub shoulder pads with Klingons and powder-blue Andorians.

We'll beam in on Wednesday, shop for Earth groceries on the way out to Southern Nevada's version of Deep Space Nine, and then prepare for our four-day mission: to explore strange new parking structures on the Strip, to seek out good seats in the convention halls, and to boldly go where no man has gone before to get  autographs from our favorite Star Trek celebrities.

I's obnoxious, isn't it?  Well, I could be sharing my kid's school schedule with you, but I don't have to do that, anymore.  The psychological void created from the lack of PTA committees and Back-to-School Night has been filled with the anticipation of seeing three of the Enterprise captains on stage at once.  Two Daxes, two Sulus (the original and the future), the original kickass girl superheroes, Cat Woman (Lee Meriwether) and Bat Girl (Yvonne Craig), a swingin' Vegas-style Star Trek Rat Pack lounge show (we reach, Herbert), and the one and only, Mr. Spock.  Seriously, my head may blow up.  

There will be pictures and lots of them.  So, stay tuned for our wacky space adventure, kids!  We'll be at the Rio every day from Thursday through Sunday.  I'll be practicing my Vulcan "Live Long & Prosper" hand gesture and sipping on Romulan ale (I'm guessing that's some sort of beer).

You know you're a trekkie when you choose a real life convention with real—albeit pretending not to be—humans over facebook groups full of illusory friendships that start with, "You know you're from Chicken Falls when..."

It's time to start the launch sequence and warm up the Runabout.  Catch you in the V-Quadrant, Scotty!  :::::::::: ∿ ∿ ∿ ∿ ::::::::::