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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Last Christmas Card

Warm & Fuzzy Holiday Things

Send a Christmas Card next year!

As I mentioned in my post a couple of days ago, I design, order, and address my Christmas cards a year in advance. I realize that it sounds a tad anal to do my cards eleven months ahead of time, but it saves a ton of time during the crazed-out holidays, and it gives me a chance to look at the cards again and to review the holiday newsletters.

I mail my cards out on December 1st, and they are usually the first cards to arrive. My mom's side of the family is particularly good about sending Christmas cards. I'm not sure if it's an old-fashioned tradition, or a tradition that my mom's relatives have always enjoyed (or a combination of both), but they always send pretty, glittery cards. I love that about the Reids.

Thanks to every one of these folks for filling up our coat closet door with Christmas cards and making our holidays brighter!

Cousin, Marla, and her family (Aaron, Saundra & little guy, Campbell)
Cousin, Dee, and her family (Rob, Stephanie, Meghan, Jack, Mark & Ally)
Cousin, Jolene, and her family (Dave, Eliza, Abby, Sarah, Sam & Gracie)
Steve's Broham from high school, Ken & his wife, Rita
My bud from high school, Antonio & his lovely wife, Jane
My co-worker, Patti & her family (Roland, Andrew & Kristen)
First cousins once-removed, Carol & Lloyd
Girl Scout friends, Linda & her daughter, Chrissy
First cousins once-removed, Melody & Sam
Cousin, Darius & his family (Karen, Weston & Brendon)
My sister, Heidi, & her family (Vic, McKay, Avie & Jaeden)
First cousins once-removed, Pat & Larry
Second cousins, Jeanie & Richard
Omaha friend, Teresa & her family (Jay, Cody, Chad & D.J.)
Copenhagen Friends, Camilla, Anette & Soren (Caralee's boyfriend's family)
Steve's parents, Jim & Sally
WC Friends, Patty & Bill
Omaha school chum, Pat
Searchlight friends, Jane & Carl
Kittysitter, Jennifer
First cousins once-removed, Buzzy & Lee
First cousins once-removed, Bobby & Alice
Second cousin, Lari
Ex-first cousin once-removed in-law, Lynn & her son, Bob
Second cousin, Michael & his family (Michelle & Peggy)
First cousins once-removed, Vernon & Janis
Cousin, Daren, & his family (Krissy, Tess, Claire, Katie & Peyton)
Aunt Linda & Uncle Jud
BCHS friend, Cindy & her family (Pete, Brett, Megan, Courtney, Zachary & Chad)
Work friends, Kelly & his family (Denise, Lauren, Justine)
My BFF, Laurie & her family (Mike, Nathan, Aaron & Kayla)
Omaha friends, Jim & Kathy
Girl Scout friends, Kathy & her family (Doug, Teressa, Courtney & Kelsey)
Second cousins, Kathe & Mark

Welcome to 2011!