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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Here Comes The Sun

Taking A Breath of Fresh Air

A sunny day after the long, dark, cold, rainy winter that we've had is a reason to celebrate! Last year's Christmas cards are packed up and back in the garage. The silver tinsel tree is tucked away in its original container. The stockings are nestled all snug in their Nordstrom box. Life is returning to normal, and it's time to start the New Year. Let's clean the house!

Favorite Cleaning Solutions: CALDREA
I discovered Caldrea products at a specialty green products boutique, but they are now available at Target. I like the website because they have sales that I don't usually see in the stores. My favorite scent is Ginger Pomelo, but I also like the Basil Blue Sage fragrance. I love the counter spray and the fabric softener!

Favorite Household Broom: O'Cedar Angler Broom
This broom is a work horse, and I can personally attest to its efficiency and durability. I have it in two sizes, and it's great on all types of surfaces, indoor and out. The angled edge makes it easy to get into corners and the soft, synthetic bristles are great for picking up dust bunnies. Beats a straw broom for grabbing fine dirt, and it's easier to use with a dust pan. The only drawback is that the angled edge makes it harder to lean up against a wall or a counter, if you need to park it for a second. No biggee, just use corners to prop up the broom.

Favorite Mop: Swiffer Sweeper with Wet Mopping Cloths & Febreze

For everyday use and for heavy cleaning days, I use this little wonder to get every floor in the house clean as a whistle! I sweep first, then get the grime off the floor with the Swiffer wet cloths. What's cool about this sweeper is that it angles like a dream, and you can get into corners and around the backs of things like toilets and table legs. This sweeper is so maneuverable that I use it to clean the lower part of the interior doors where grubby pet stuff (hair, slobber, cat pee, etc.) tends to land. The wet cloths work on any kind of flooring, including the mystery concrete composite material that makes up my entry way. I have not used my sponge mop since I bought a Swiffer. The sweeper, the cloths, and other Swiffer items can all be purchased at Safeway, Target, and Ace. This is the type of product that makes you think that it was designed by somebody who actually cleans house!