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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday's Cupboard—January Citrus

Glorious winter citrus!

Ruby Red Grapefruit from Palm Springs
Today, I am going to start the base for Bittersweet Marmalade made from fresh and fantaculous organic ruby red grapefruits, tangelos, and Meyer lemons.  The grapefruit and tangelos are from my friend, Tom Sheridan's, rental property in Palm Springs, and the lemons are from our tree here in Walnut Creek.  Between us, we have assembled a bounty of beautiful citrus from SoCal and NoCal!

All of these resplendent fruits were grown organically with nothing on them except happy honey bees and the occasional curious Scrub Jay who lives in our back yard.   I'll have enough lemons to make a small batch of pure Meyer Lemon Marmalade from Sunset's, Canning, Freezing & Drying.

I've got my eye on another recipe for grapefruit marmalade called, Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit Marmalade with locally-grown honey.  This was posted by another blogger, The Cosmic Cowgirl,  It uses 4 lemons, so that will help me use of the rest of our lemons.

I will post pix when I'm finished.  Now, off to let the cat in before he claws the weather stripping off of the screen door, then a quick sandwich, then it's time to start canning!