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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday—Good for You, Good for The Home

2 More Ways to Make Things Easier!

Here are two new items that I tried this week that go hand-in-hand because one helps you get organized, and the other one helps you relax after doing all of that work!

Eco-Fabric China & Stemware Storage Cases
These eco-friendly boxes come in a variety of sizes, both in square (saucer, salad, dinner, tall stemware & cup) and round (11", 9", 7.5", 5.5") shapes.  They are reasonably priced, and they are hard-sided for extra protection.  They are somewhat stackable, but stack light things on top because the lids are canvas-covered cardboard, and they will sag over time.  I like the modern, sophisticated style.

Eco-Fabric Round Plate Storage Cases

Eco-Fabric China Storage Cases

What's really neat about these storage boxes is that the exterior fabric consists of 76% polyester made from recycled plastic bottles and 24% cotton.  The inside of the boxes are lined in polyester.  As Steve pointed out, purchasing products like this adds to the demand for items made from recycled materials and supports recycling programs, in general.  "Like!"

Okay, put on your work clothes and get started!  I'll wait until you're finished reorganizing all of your dishes, flatware, silverware & table linens...

Now that you're finished, you could probably use a nice hot soak in a relaxing bath!  Here's just the thing:

Ojavàn Aromatherapy Bath Salts (from the Great Salt Lake)
I cannot say enough good about these bath salts!  They do wonders for my skin.  My sister, Heidi, gave me 4 of the trial sizes ($3 each) for Christmas, and I've tried two so far.

There is enough in each trial-size jar for 2 bath times, plus, you get a little crystal that represents the curative properties of each mixture.  The directions say to place your little crystal next to the tub while you bathe so that you can absorb its healing & relaxing properties.  Hey, sounds good to me!  Each jar is delicately scented with a different essential oil (not too strong), and the salts really do dissolve if you follow the directions and hold them in your hand under the faucet while filling the bath.

I have tried Màplya (mah-pee-yah, "sky" or "heavenly" in Sioux) for "relaxing, calming & aids sleep."  The aromatherapy is lavender oil and the crystal is white quartz.  The white quartz is believed to protect against negativity, and it relieves pain.  A lovely soak in Màplya bath salts before bedtime, followed by a fluffy, white spa robe and an Aquis Micro-Fiber Hair Turban  ...Heaven!

I've also tried Otekah (oh-tee-kuh, "sun maiden" in Navajo) for "balance, fortifies & soothing."  The aromatherapy for this one is eucalyptus, and the crystal is smokey quartz.  This is a great one for starting your day!  The eucalyptus really does energize the body & spirit.  It makes you feel good and totally ready to face the day.