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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday—Good for The Home & Good For You

Outsmarting Cats & My Parents Were Cool

I have 3 bottles of spray in my pet cupboard—No Mark, No Scratch, and No Stress.  I'd drink the last one if I weren't afraid that I'd grow a fluffy tail and start meowing in my sleep.  If the first two actually worked, I would have no need for the third.  But, none of them work, so I'm constantly looking for ways to out wit, out play, and definitely out last my darling felines.

Today, I'm going to talk about clawing, the bane of every cat owner.  I have 4 clawing posts in the house, enough for each kitty to have his/her own State of Clawness.  When they're not out terrorizing the back yard squirrels & blue jays, our beasties are happily digging their needle-like talons into these clawing posts.  But, clawing posts can be so boring when you're a cat.  Why shred a cheap piece of carpet tacked to a pole when there's a tender loveseat calling your name...Here, Kitty!  

It's been a battle, to say the least.  At first, I tried plastic storage covers, the flimsy, clear kind that are sold in hardware stores for moving or long-term furniture storage.  They are like giant dry cleaner bags and could potentially suffocate a mischievious cat.  Plus, they're really hard to sit on without sliding off the sofa.

Then, I tried a $60 fitted, canvas loveseat cover from Target.  It was so loose and poorly fitted that it slid out of place all the time and exposed tempting leather corners to the cat-sharks who regularly patrol my living room looking for fresh furniture prey.

Finally, we hit on something that works!  A heavy-duty, .7 ml outdoor vinyl sofa cover with fleece lining made by Protective Covers Inc.  The Protective Covers Inc. website does not have the size that we bought, and I wouldn't recommend their Patio Covers Inc. link because my computer sent me a warning that the site contains malicious software (a.k.a. malware).  Order through more reliable online distributors.

We ordered ours online from good ol' trusty True Value Hardware, $25.65 (plus tax & shipping) to fit our loveseat (58"L x 35"H x 35"D).  It arrived without a hitch:

Amazon carries the entire line of other sizes & configurations, as well as the one we purchased ($30.20 + tax, free shipping):

The cover has velcro closures on the inside of each corner that attach to the legs if you want to secure it in place.  We pull ours off all the time and leave it on only when we're not around to guard the loveseat from the little bastards...I mean, the furry dears.  Seriously, if this cover prevents four determined cats from clawing a  leather sofa, it's a good product.

Now, for something fun!
My Parents Were Cool

I found out about this entertaining website when my husband's co-worker, Gary, posted the link on facebook.  You can submit a photo of your parents directly through Tumblr or use their gmail addie (both links are available in the sidebar on the website).  My parents were cool—that's my mom in the sizzlin' hot shorts next to my dad looking like Darrin Stephens, Lake Mead, Summer of '68—and I'll bet yours were, too!

Also pictured: My aunt, Beverley Jones Fisher; her husband, Chuck Fisher; my sisters, Brooke & Heidi Jones