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Wednesday—Good for You, Good for The Home

The Spirit Goat & First Spring Flowers

First of all, I ❤ the name, The Spirit Goat, and second of all, I ❤ their boutique bath products.

Also, I ❤ companies that reach out and share their profits in ways that provide help where help is needed.

In addition, I ❤ hand-crafted items.  And, I ❤the local growers movement and support local cottage industries.

Finally, I ❤ goats, especially cute, little baby goats like the week-old kid in this photo taken at a farm owned one of Heidi's friends in Utah. They are munching on weeds from the garden out of a wheelbarrow.  Weed-eating goats would be a lot more useful than my grass-snarfing cats who like to throw up in the house.

The Spirit Goat is located in Nibley, Utah, and their artisan soaps & lotions are sold all over the U.S. by various retail distributors (the list is on their website).  What is cool about this company is that they help support a local family crisis center in Cache County, plus they support …