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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday—Good for You, Good for The Home

Residential Organic Gardening & Good Vino

Baby broccoli from last season
I spent the morning raking up soggy leaves, pulling weeds, and turning over rich compost.  It doesn't sound like much fun, but I really like cleaning up the winter mess and making room for whatever Spring will produce.  I was a little disappointed that I didn't find any little newts, but I'm glad that I didn't disturb their warm burrows.  

If you can, it's time to get outside and get ready to start growing your garden.  I love the raised beds in today's video, as well as the cobblestone path.  Penny, the chihuahua, is a super cute addition.  The charming tour guide is Novalee Truesdell (gosh, I love that name) and I think the narrator behind the cam is her gardening friend, Tiffany.

This vid is worth watching all the way through because first of all, you get to see darling Penny as she points out the green and red lettuce.  And, Novalee gives us a great tip on sustainable gardening at the end of the video.  Great job, girls!

All of the plants that you see in their video are winter crops that grow well in the Bay Area.  So, get out there and plant some sweet peas and some of that fantastic brocoverde cauliflower.  It's herb season, too!  I am planning on coming back as cilantro in my next life.

Good For You
A lovely glass of wine is always good for you, I say!  So, here are two California whites that I really like.

2 Excellent California Whites
Beaulieu Vineyard Pinot Grigio 2009 — Sonoma  
Crisp citrus, pear & floral.  Lovely with seafood, salads & grilled chicken.  Try this with the Smoked Salmon Salad I posted yesterday.  Mmmm.  $11/bottle

Toasted Head Viognier 2008 — Woodbridge
Love the tropical & citrus of this wine.  Mango & orange blossom, apricot & a wonderful lychee overtone. Wow, great.  I can really taste the toasted barrel of this wine.  The wine is named for the age-old practice of toasting barrel heads with fire to wrap the flavors in a toasty blanket.  This is not a sweet wine, but it has many interesting flavors that dance around on the palette.    $11 to $14 /bottle