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Wednesday—Good For You, Good For The Home

Digging Up Your Roots

If you're already a family genealogist, you know two things:

How time consuming it is, and How addicting can be!
Depending on how long you've been at it, you might also know that uncovering the past can reveal amazing, and sometimes startling, answers to questions about your family and about yourself.

What separates good research from crappy research is accuracy and documentation.  Facts have to stand up to cross-referencing, and when it comes to family history, the documentation is often either incomplete or missing.  Actually, that is part of the fun, to separate facts from fiction and to shed light on events that may have been either forgotten or deliberately removed from the timeline.

With all of the great technology we have today, pictures and documents can be shared, reviewed and discussed online.  Free online genealogy research sites like, (a genealogical resource provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), the U.…