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Monday—The Reading Corner—Writers for The Red Cross

Bibliophiles To The Rescue!

I saw a Write4Red tweet this morning and thought I'd pass along the info to anyone who would like to help with disaster relief in Japan.  It is an online fundraiser for The American Red Cross, and since it is American Red Cross Month (March 1-31), it's a good time to get involved in some very much-needed relief efforts.  
First, a little patriotic, red-white-and blue, all-American history background on the Red Cross.  Clara Barton—nurse, teacher, civil rights activist, and superwoman—founded the first American branch of the Red Cross on May 21, 1881, in Dansville, New York.  She was a Victorian-era woman, and they had what it takes to get the job done.  They were educated and fearless, and they transformed their ideas into actions that to this day represent what is good and right about benevolent causes.  
She got the idea from a Swiss businessman and social activist named, Jean-Henri Dunant, who after witnessing the suffering of soldiers left on th…