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Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday—The Reading Corner—NYT Kindle Covers—Lethal People

Something new for your Kindle!  New York Times Photo Archive Kindle Covers by Verso—$49.99 each

In celebration of over 100 years of photojournalism, the New York Times has partnered with Kindle and created three Kindle covers from the historic NYT photo archives.  These are iconic black & white images of New York City—the Flatiron Building, the Statue of Liberty & the Twin Towers, and a panoramic view of the city from the River House.  These covers fit the 6" display latest generation Kindles.

Note:  These covers do not have the attached retractable LED reading light.  The Verso clip-on reading light can be purchased separately through Amazon for $19.99 each.

I like the plain-color Amazon Kindle covers for $59.99 each, which do include the retractable light.

Lethal People, A Donovan Creed Novel (Kindle edition) - 99¢  ★ 1 star out of 5
This book is a detective story about a former CIA assassin who does not seem to have a moral compass.  He is a cold-blooded contract killer, along the lines of Jason Bourne before he lost his memory and gained a conscience.

But, this guy never loses his memory, and from the beginning, I was hoping that his not-so-subtle public murdering spree would lead to his unspectacular arrest, and he'd have to endure the supreme torture of sitting in a courtroom every day listening to his lawyer plod through the American criminal justice system.  Unlike Jason Bourne, Donovan Creed has zero appeal.    

On the positive side, the book grabs your attention in the prologue with an action-packed, vividly written house fire.  It's a great start!  After that, everything becomes ridiculous.  Apparently, Donovan Creed is such a brilliant and insane assassin that he voluntarily tests weapons on himself for the US military, and when he's not getting zapped with lethal doses of secret weaponry, he's off working for the Mafia and for strangers he's just met on the phone.  He kills terrorists, as well, but so far, there aren't any in the story.  

I am 51 percent of the way through, and I seriously hope that all of the female characters—his ex-wife; the insane model-slash-blond-assassin partner; the heart-of-gold hooker; Aunt Helen; and the 6-year old burn victim—get together and stage a misogynist intervention.

Then, there are the male characters—his disfigured insane BFF; the insane limo driver; Lou, the insane CIA contact; Victor, the borderline personality little person; and the chummy, but insane Mafia guy.  Did I mention that they were all insane?  I may have forgotten somebody, but they are likely to be insane, also.

I bought this book because it was on the Kindle best sellers list.  On the strength of that listing, I bought the sequel, Lethal Experiment, as well.  It was only 89¢.  For less than a bottle of Two-Buck Chuck, you can get both of these books.  It's a good read, if you like trashy novels, and you can ignore graphic scenes of violence toward women.

Maybe, the little girl will turn out to be a terrorist-slash-casting director, and she will force him to be in the next Sex In The City movie.  I hope that Big beats him up, and then, Carrie takes him shoe shopping.  I would enjoy that ending.