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Monday—The Reading Corner—Lethal Experiment

The sequel to Lethal People...Lethal Experiment by John Locke  ★  ★ 1/2

I bought both of these books at the same time because they were on the Kindle Best Seller list.  Neither of the books is very expensive.  Together, the cost of both books adds up to less than $2.

I'm just over 50 percent of the way through Lethal Experiment, and to its credit, it is better than the first novel, but only because the characters are familiar.  There is more humor in the sequel, but the frequent gratuitous acts of violence toward women are just as annoying as they were in the first book.  And, the female characters who aren't victims are objectified stereotypical representations of women.  

Actually, all of the characters seem like shallow stereotypes to me.  I guess, that is what the author was going for, exaggerated, cartoonish, pulp fiction-type personalities.  Over-the-top characters can work if the plot is engaging enough, but this one did not work for me.

I think that the author proba…