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Tuesday's Cupboard—Heirlooms!

Cranberry Beans, Lebanese Couscous & Purple Sticky Rice—by Zürsun Idaho Heirloom Beans

Available from Williams~Sonoma Heirloom Beans, Lentils & Grains Collection in stores & online.

I was in downtown Walnut Creek today shopping for Easter goodies, and I found some wonderful savory treats for your Springtime suppers.

First, let's start with this fantastic new collection of heirloom grains & beans from Williams~Sonoma.  I bought some Thai purple rice, some Lebanese couscous (these are tiny balls of ground semolina wheat dusted in wheat flour), and some cranberry beans (an ancient cranberry red & white legume domesticated in Mesoamerica and the Andes).

I asked about my favorite exotic dried bean, the Anasazi bean, and it can be ordered from the W~S catalog online!  It is a black & white paint bean, similar to the hide pattern of Indian paint ponies.  These beans were one of the crops grown by the ancient Pueblos who lived in the area of Four Corners as far ba…