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Wednesday—Good for You, Good for The Home

Catching the Queen of the Yellow Jackets!

It is time to start thinking about how to wage war on those bastardic little flying torpedos of doom, the ground-nesting western yellow jackets.  According to recommendations from the University of California's state-wide Integrated Pest Management program, there is a 30-45 day period in the spring when the new queens emerge to scout out locations where they will build their nests.

A single reproductive female can produce a population of 1,500 to 15,000 individuals, depending on the species.  Yellow jackets will typically make nests in rodent burrows, but they are not picky.  Protected spaces like voids in walls and ceiling spaces work just as well.  If the space is not big enough for the colony, yellow jackets will increase the size by moistening the area and digging.  If the colony establishes itself inside of a house, worker drones will create a wet patch and dig through drywall to enlarge the area.

In my case, yellow jackets invaded …