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Monday—The Design Corner—Personalized iPhoto Cards

Happy Birthday, Steve!

Da Vinci had his frescoes, Warhol had his Campbell soup, and I have my mouse drawings.  Drawings that is, not droppings...

I started drawing with my mouse when I opened a twitter account (Don't Steal My Pen) about three years ago.  I needed a profile picture, and I wanted something that had to do with tweets.  So, I came up with a chick who tweets.

My twitter chick was inspired by my daughter's Girl Scout troop crest from many years ago.  Caralee created a little yellow chick with brightly-colored tail feathers for their troop emblem.

Next, came Clara The Cat.  This was a new twitter account that I created to publicize worthwhile animal welfare projects.  She was inspired by the diva of our feline family, Miss Clara.

One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was creating customized cards using iPhoto and the Apple Store.  Plus, I was spending less per card than I had when I bought generic greeting cards from a quality shop like Papyrus.  It costs…