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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mini-Post Thursday—Pet Painting Kits

For dogs & cats...and even talented turtles!

It's a clever way for your 4-legged friend to become a bonafide artiste.  Authentic art created by pets!  

This kit does not require your pet to hold a paintbrush and chew on it.  This is just part of the creative process for HRH, Clara.

Wednesday—Good For You, Good For The Home: LivingSocial

For the bargain hunters!

I want to share a great daily bargain site that I've been using for the past couple of months called, LivingSocial.  It's safe, reliable, spam-free, and the deals are fantastic!  

What's really neat about the daily deal is that you get your coupon for free if 3 of your friends buy the same coupon from your unique link.

i ❤ good deals

Here's the catch:  There is a time limit on how long your friends have to buy the coupon.  Sometimes, it's a couple of days; sometimes less, but usually a day.  They have to be checking their email, facebook, or twitter once a day to catch the offers before they expire.

Another thing that I like about the livingsocial coupons is that these are deals that I can actually use.  I really don't need a 20 percent off coupon on 5-inch designer heels or a discount on handbags with big gold chains on them.  I do not own anything with the word, "juicy," on it.  I'm not interested in getting any part of my body tattooed, botoxed, or artificially tanned.  And, I don't want to dine at restaurants that are so far away that the cost of gas more than exceeds whatever I'm saving with the coupon.  Not to mention the stress of driving on Bay Area freeways.  But, I do shop at Ace Hardware for interior paint, and I do buy movie tickets online from fandango.

The coupon vouchers have a nice long expiration period, but they do expire.  And, they are non-replaceable if lost, stolen by teenagers, or they become indechipherable as a result of spilling coffee on the bar code.  Just be smart and read the small print before you buy.

Oh, and you can choose how to share your coupon.  You can post to facebook &/or twitter, or you can send email to individuals.  I tend to stick with emailing individuals who I know would be interested in certain types of deals.

I am naturally cautious when it comes to advertised bargains.  There are just too many spammers and tech-savvy crooks who are looking for ways to rip people off.  But, the livingsocial site is well-organized, and I know others who use it, so I am happy to recommend it.

Here's my link for the fandango deal I bought today.  It's 2 movie tickets for $9.  The tickets have to be for the same movie, so go with a movie buddy.  Ticket vouchers are good until September 9, 2011.