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Monday—The Ranting Corner—Facebook Privacy Fail

It's all about privacy, or the loss of...
Four consumer advocacy groups—
The public interest research group, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC); The Internet safety group, The Center for Digital Democracy; The California-based Consumer Watchdog; and The consumer education group, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse—filed a complaint today against facebook asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate facebook's new image identification system and to force facebook to stop compiling user biodata to be used in this automated system.  U.S. Representative, Ed Markey (D-Mass), co-chairman of the bipartisan Congressional Privacy Caucus, happens to agree. 
The complaint contends that the covert collection and compilation of personal information to be used for automated tagging, without the opt-in consent of users, adversely impacts consumers and qualifies as unfair and deceptive trade practices.  The complaint also points out that the recognition system is under the sole control …