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Sunday—Catching Up

One can of nonfat evaporated blog...

I'm not sure when I lost track of last week, but I think it was somewhere around Monday.  I had a trip to Boulder City scheduled for the middle of the week, and I had to condense a week's worth of scheduled activities into Monday and Tuesday.

Plus, I had a canning project on deck, which takes a lot more planning and coordination than non-canners realize.  I had a pile of fresh organic rhubarb in the fridge, and I was attempting a new recipe, which requires more culinary acumen than my usual routine.  I grabbed a few pix along the way, and I'll include those in Tuesday's post.

And, I finished 2 good crime detective books, so I'll talk about those this week, as well.

★On Wednesday, I was on a plane flying from the temperate Bay Area into McCarran Airport in Las Vegas.  Once I arrived, I hustled down to the Alamo car rental garage and tried three different vehicles before I finally settled into a spiffy new, steel blue, Ford Fusion wi…