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Wednesday—Good For You, Good For The Home: Sunprints

A fun, easy, creative & fast summer craft!

Sunprints I was browsing the West Elm website last month and came across this neat set of nature sun prints.  They reminded me of my '79-'80 college days when I was a lab assistant in the Biology Lab at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley (the best work-study job ever!).  
I googled "sun prints," and sure enough, it led me to the LHS Sunprint® website.  I've always loved making sunprints, so I ordered a pack of fifteen 8"x 12" sheets in the Super Sunprint Kit for $13.95 and a Super Sunprint Refill Kit for $9.95.  
All of the proceeds from the Sunprint® kits go toward the LHS science & math education programs.  I worked there for a year during my last year at Cal, and as happy as I was to finally graduate, I was sorry that my work-study program at LHS had to end.  I made some wonderful friends, and like these little Sunprint® kits, every day was full of fascinating and creative things.
The sheets come in…