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Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Bonus—Cool WordPress Retro MacOS Theme

Back to basics
An online salute to the man who launched a universe of change  
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As a cool tribute to Steve Jobs, the webmasters at put together a super-neat original MacOS theme page for WordPress blogs.  I love it, and it so reminds me of the early, clunky, start-up days of personal computing, especially the little computer icon.  There was always something exciting hiding behind that little guy, and the possibilities were endless. retro MacOS theme
You can switch your current WordPress theme directly from the Theme Showcase by selecting the "activate" button, and VoilĂ !  Your WordPress blog will seamlessly transition to the old look of the early Mac computers.  And, in the spirit of what has always been the best thing about creative thinking and technological progress—it's also free.  

Classy, clever, clean, and inspired.  Steve Jobs would have liked this. ;o)

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