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Mini-Post Thursday—One Who Moved the Dial

He began the struggle for gay rights by challenging the system from the inside—Franklin Kameny: 1925 - 2011

I've never been one for ululation.  When it comes to civil rights, though, I usually pay attention when someone who has spent the majority of his lifetime fighting for equality passes away.  Frank Kameny left an indelible mark on history by working his way through the interminably slow system of law and bureaucratic process and by never flinching in the face of cruel adversity.   
I usually don't like people who agitate.  They're abrasive, loud, and generally annoying.  I really don't like it when they block traffic or keep people from attending to everyday, ordinary business like jury duty or getting to the bank.  But, it makes no difference what they're like as individuals when their clear and coherent message is one that affects us all.   
Permanent change happens slowly and at great personal cost to those who lead the cause.  It's never easy, and at most…