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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday: The Art Gallery—21katz2011

Okay, it's not exactlly the New York Times Arts section, but I am starting a new Friday feature:  The Art Gallery.  We're getting cultured here in Troiland.
Every week, I will be exhibiting original art that is either my own or the original work of someone I know.  In the spirit of Warhol and all that is good about commercial art, my stuff is for sale, too.  Watch for price tags on the finished pieces.  What I am showing in today's slideshow are the online proofs.

Like music, art lifts the spirit, inspires, creates, comforts, reveals, disturbs, and renews.  And, it's important to share our creations.  A cave wall to a Cro-Magnon with a handful of soot was the Paleolithic equivalent of sharing art on the Internet.  It must be done.

My cat series was inspired by Andy Warhol's colorful 1955 lithographic series of 25 Cats Named Sam and 1 Blue Pussy.   

Here is a slideshow of my 4 little monsters:  21katz2011