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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday's Art Gallery — Street Art

$2 at Goodwill
street art (n.)  Works of art that are developed in the street 

I would expand on Wikipedia's definition a little bit by adding art that is either thrown away or given away, then acquired by someone else who appreciates the artistic expression of the artist.  I'm thinking that this should be a separate category of art, altogether.  The open source version of the art world.  

This first piece was purchased for $2 by my son at the Berkeley Goodwill.  It is acrylic on canvas, and I love the colors and the elemental shapes.  I call this unsigned, untitled piece the gray painting on my living room wall, but for the sake of giving it an actual name, let's call it, "Goodwill."
Great colors

The second piece is real street art that started out as graffiti in the parking lot across the street from my husband's old office building in Berkeley.  It stayed on the wall of the Indian restaurant for quite a while and was appreciated daily by customers and employees who parked in the lot until the owners of the lot decided to respray the wall.  The nature of street art is that it can go away and eventually will.  This piece was signed in black spray paint by a graffiti artist called "phat 5." As near as I can tell, anyway.  The signature is a little fuzzy.  

phat 5 in the parking lot
Steve liked it so much that he took a digital photo and had it converted into a canvas print using the online photo service, Shutterfly.  It's a super-cool method for creating your own prints on canvas.  Shutterfly can convert your pix into other fun things like photo books, cards & stationery, calendars, and coffee mugs.  I've used it for canvas prints, and my experience in terms of quality and service has always been good.  There happens to be a sale on canvas prints going on until November 3d, and the prices are great!  These would make nice gifts for Christmas, weddings, or birthdays, and they'd be a neat way to personalize and spruce up an office, a dorm room, or a student apartment.  Costs range from around $60 to $150. 

Now, back to street art around the San Francisco Bay Area.  For the locals, the next time you're on the Nimitz heading back from the airport toward the East Bay, check out the trains parked in the Oakland railyard.  I saw some impressive graffiti coming back from my last flight in September.  Who knows if it's still there...