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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday: Good for You, Good for the Home—Skinny Cow White Mint Truffle Bars

A great low-cal dessert!
A yummy, minty, 100-calorie ice cream bar for the holidays!

As part of my ongoing quest for good, low-fat ice cream, I discovered a new tasty freezer bar this week at the Albertson's in Boulder City.  I'm in Nevada for a week to help my mom work on her shabby chic trailer in Searchlight.  When I say, "shabby," I mean falling apart, and when I say, "chic," I mean by Searchlight mobile home standards.  It's fine, really.  It just leans to the right by several inches, and a coyote lives in the front yard.

Anyway, I've been driving the 80-mile, round trip every day through the stark and beautiful Eldorado Valley along US 95 South.  The intense November sun is usually parked just over the craggy tops of the McCullough Range as I cruise back home every afternoon.  The view has been nothing less than spectacular.

I'll grab a couple of pix before the end of my stay, not while driving, of course.  My Bay Area driving sense tells me that this would not be a good idea.

After a day of hard work at my mom's place, I am ready for a lovely glass of Kendall Jackson Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay (on the shelf at Albertson's in BC as of last weekend) and an easy supper.  A hot bath and one of these white mint truffle bars deliver a sweet ending to another satisfying day.