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Friday's Art Gallery — Monique c. 1976

Art from the back of a closet in Searchlight

On Fridays, I blog about art, and I tend to focus on art that is interesting, uplifting, and sometimes mysterious.  Art comes in many forms, and today, I want to take a look at unappreciated art.

I've been out at my mom's trailer in Searchlight this week helping with a variety of repairs that were caused by a burst pipe underneath her bathroom sink.  While we were painting a bedroom ceiling last Wednesday, her husband, Ed, produced this acrylic-on-canvas painting of what appears (to me) to be a stylized Las Vegas showgirl.

My mom hates it, and at no time during their 30-year relationship has it ever hung on a wall.  For as long as he's owned it, the painting has been parked in the back of his closet.  It is in surprisingly good condition because it has been kept out of the damaging sunlight in a relatively cool and protected area.

The Verbal Provenance:  According to Ed, it was given to him 35 years ago by someone who was clea…