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Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday — The Photo Gallery: Tiggz_The Last Artichoke_Fall Color

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sleepy tigg_2009_this one made Flikr Explore

The Last Artichoke

the last artichoke_from my garden_oct 2012

Fall Color in Lafayette, CA

beautiful fall color at the lafayette reservoir_2009

Thursday MIni-Post — Ruined Spanish Jesus Fresco Hair Monkey Costume

A masterpiece...NOT 

Behold the Monkey

Okay, so you all know the backstory, right?  80-year old Spanish parishoner, Cecilia Giminez, somehow got her inexperienced, albeit well-intentioned hands on a 19th Century fresco of Jesus entitled, Ecce Homo, (Behold The Man) by Spanish artist, Elias Garcia Martinez.  In her effort to restore it, she instead fubarred it (Effed Up Beyond All Recognition and Repair) to the collective horror of everyone on Earth.  

Check out this video of Mrs. Giminez's explanation.  She says that she had permission from the priest.  No statement from the priest on this, but everyone seems to agree that Mrs. Giminez did not have permission from anyone in an official capacity.  Interesting, though, that this old woman would have been happily botching up a beloved town treasure, and no one was around to notice. 

Now, the old bag has hired a legal team to stake a claim to a percentage of the donations that are pouring in from visitors to the church, Sanctuario de Misericordia, located in the village of Borja, near Zaragoza, Spain.  According to her lawyer, Enrique Trebolle,

"She just wants the church to conform to the law.  If this means economic compensation, she wants it to be for charitable purposes."  

Right...I'm fairly certain that the law does not allow brush-happy amateurs to deface masterpieces and get away with it.  No one should profit from the vandalization of artwork, but any financial gain should go toward the professional restoration of the fresco, and this should be handled by the Santi Spiritus Hospital Foundation, the organization that owns the painting.  Mrs. Giminez should quietly butt out and stop interfering.

Meanwhile, the botched fresco nicknamed, Ecco Mono, Behold The Monkey, has become an Internet sensation.  There's a twitter account for Fresco Jesus, "Once a handsome fresco, now a hedgehog," @FrescoJesus.  And, the horribilis of it all has spawned a plethora of copycat restorations.  My favorite is Da Vinci's, Mona Lisa.  The Last Supper, a close second.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wednesday—Good For You, Good For the Home: Manly Scents

Odor-fighting Atomic Robots!
Manly Scents

A man likes to have his own stuff.

Let's talk about manly stuff.  Men have their own razors engineered for "low cutting force" and "fusion power."

There are TV dinners made for hungry-men and power meals made for extra-hungry men.  And, I'm pretty sure that Manwich Sloppy Joe sauce was invented with men in mind.

Now, there are some cool new skin & hair care products made just for men.  Old Spice has been around for a long time, but I'm including it as a new product because of its contemporary, clever marketing.  Also, because I love their new line of shower gels, especially the long-lasting, 16-hour Odor Blocker body wash.

Manly products deserve non-girly pix, so I've used the manliest Photoshop filters I could find from Totally Rad.  They include Bullet Tooth, Bitchin B&W, Iron Mouse, Sparta, Old Glory, Troy, Handlebar Moustache, Old Skool, and Graphite.

Old Spice 8-hour body wash_great scent!

Check out these great bath & body products from Dove Men+Care products.

Target carries this cool little travel-size Dove Men+Care deod
Gently sceneted Dove Men+Care bath bar
Dove Men+Care Body & Face Wash

Our dematologist gives out free samples of Lubriderm in his office.  Check out their entire line of quality skincare products.
Lubriderm quality for post-shave & everyday use

And, last but not least...I really love these affordable, high-end both products from Suave!

Suave for Men_great product_great price

Suave for Men 2-in-1 shampoo + conditioner