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Wednesday—Good for You, Good for the Home: Eva Zeisel

When asked how to make something beautiful:  "You just have to get out of the way."  ~Eva Zeisel  1906  - 2011
Steve Jobs talked about the influence that simple, organic design had on his personal sense of aesthetics when it came to designing Apple products.  Apple II's clean lines and beige housing were inspired by the smooth, plastic casing of a kitchen appliance—the Cuisinart food processor.  Hooray for kitchen appliances!

As it turns out, the inventor of the Cuisinart was an MIT-educated electrical engineer named Carl Sontheimer, a native New Yorker who developed a love of cooking while growing up in France.  Cuisine + art = Cuisinart!  

Mid-Century Modernist Design
When optimal aesthetics and optimal usage are in balance, we have good industrial design.  This is where Hungarian-born designer, Eva Zeisel made her mark.  She, along with other mid-century modernists like Mary & Russel Wright and Charles & Ray Eames, brought relaxed elegance and Bauhaus style to t…