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Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday's Art Gallery—Photo Texturing

Adding depth, dimension & mood to your photos
Brainier  •  Bolder •  More Beautiful

These are my 2012 New Year's resolutions.  First up…brainier!  That means learning something new, so I decided to start by adding to my online skill set.  I'm taking a year-long, online photo texturing class taught by Kim Klassen, a gifted Canadian graphic artist, folk art painter, and photographer.

I knew about Kim through my talented mother-in-law who has always inspired me creatively and artistically.  Sally had been taking texturing classes from Kim for over a year, and her photos were reaching new levels of awesomeness.  I had a little experience with texturing when I was working in 3D virtual reality, but I had none in 2D.  I took Kim's freebie "Textures in Ten" video tutorial, and after a few tries, I had the basics.

the old Pioche opera house wall

Kim is so generous with both her knowledge and her skills.  For one brief moment in her instructional video, she described textures as simple jpegs, and that's when a light went on for me.  A texture is a simple jpeg…der!  I knew that.  I had created original textures in 3D, but I wasn't used to thinking of them as layered fx on photos.  Of course, yes!

I've been taking pix of interesting textures since 2007, so I thought I'd try my amateur's hand at making my own photo textures.  Here's what I was able to do with a distressed painted wall from the side of the old opera house in Pioche, Nevada.

lafayette reservoir pelican ~ new year's day 2012 

same texture layered on top of a
photo I took in NYC 

I'm just starting to learn how to apply textures under Kim's gentle tutelage, along with encouragement from the very supportive class community.  Even with beautiful, original textures, it takes patience, good skills in Photoshop &/or Photoshop Elements, and a very good eye to use them effectively.

We get an assignment each week, and I'll post my results on flikr as we go!

Woohoo, I feel a little bit brainer already!

Mini-Post Thursday—The Bark Side

Pretty sure I won't be able to get my cats  to do this… 

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