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Friday, February 3, 2012

Tuesday's Cupboard — Crockpot Shoyu Pork Roast

This dish will make your hosue smell heavenly!
Easy & delicious!  An oldie, but a guaranteed goodie.    
Serve this with jasmine rice and lightly steamed baby carrots, baby bok choy & sugar snap peas.  I sometimes find a similar veggie mixture in the prepackaged vegetable section.  

For the meat & potatoes crowd, serve it with baked potatoes and a fresh green salad.  The au jus is absolutely to die for, and the meat is like pulled pork.  

From the Grace Cooperative Preschool Cookbook, 1987.  This is a Hawaiian recipe from one of the preschool moms named, Gale.  

Cooking time:  4 hours on high, depending on the size of the roast that you use.

1 - 8 oz. can of tomato sauce
1 c. of sugar
1 c. of shoyu (soy sauce)
2 T. dry mustard

3+ lbs. trimmed Boston Butt (or any other lean, boneless pork roast)

Make It!
Whisk together the first 4 ingredients.  Place pork roast into your crockpot.  Pour the sauce over it.  Set on HIGH and cook for 4 hours.  Check for doneness.  The meat should be so tender that you can cut it with a fork.

About an hour before serving, get the rice (or baked potatoes) started.  I steam mine in a rice cooker, which takes about 45 minutes for 2 cups of rice (yields 5 cups).     

Serve It!
Serve  over steamed jasmine or plain white rice.  The rich au jus is delicious ladled over a baked potato.  For a veggie side, serve steamed baby carrots, baby bok choy & sugar snap peas or a fresh green salad sprinkled with seasoned rice vinegar.

Monday—The Movie Corner: One For The Money

Save the price of a movie ticket & read the books!
One For The Money, based on the best-selling novel by Janet Evanovich

Fans of Stephanie Plum are going to be disappointed in this movie.  I've read every book in the Stephanie Plum series, and 23 minutes into the movie, I was ready to walk out.  It was just awful.

I doubt if anyone who has read the novels would think of the usually blond, graceful-like-a-swan, Katherine Heigl, to play Stephanie Plum.  I loved her in Knocked Up, and I think that she's a terrific comedic actress.  She just wasn't the right actress to play Stephanie.

Academy-award winning comedic powerhouse, Sandra Bullock, yes.  Academy-award winning Brooklyn native, Marisa Tomei, absolutely.  Friends icon, Courtney Cox, could have pulled off the physical comedy and the loser/heroine personality.  A brunette, Christina Applegate, for sure!  :::Sigh:::

Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur was a disaster.  She's too elegant for the role.  Sharp as a tack comedic master, Cloris Leachman, yes.   Quirky, off-key actress, Katherine Helmond, from SOAP and Everybody Loves Raymond, definitely.  Queen of television comedy, Carol Burnett, could have delivered Grandma Mazur to the big screen.  Crass and brutally funny, Elaine Stritch, for sure.  She'd be believable as Stephanie's free thinking, funeral parlor attending grandmother.  I do not know what happened, but these characters are so well defined in the books that it's hard to imagine how they could have been miscast.

Ranger (played by Daniel Sunjata) and Joe Morelli (played by Jason O'Mara) are just as disappointing, well maybe moreso than the rest.  I'll admit that I was really looking forward to seeing the screen versions of these two characters.  In the books, there is a strong animal chemistry between Stephanie and the two main men in her life.  Ranger's nickname is Batman because he is an ex-Special Services military guy with a mysterious background.  In the movie, Ranger comes off more like a brother, and Joe...well, I didn't get it.

Dwayne Johnson would have been a better fit for Ranger.  Kirk Acevedo, a native New Yorker of Puerto Rican/Chinese descent, who played detective Luisito Calderon in the TV series, Prime Suspect, would have been excellent.  Brooklyn native, Nick Santino…hello, perfect-amundo!  For Joe, native New Yorker, Jon Abrahams, would have been interesting or Prison Break series actor, Wentworth Miller, if he could do a Jersey accent.

They did manage to get one character perfectly cast with Sherri Shepherd in the role of Lula, Stephanie's BFF and assistant bounty hunter.  Unfortunately, she has about 3 lines in the whole movie, and they totally missed the opportunity to utilize this wonderful comedic talent as Stephanie's sidekick.  "Disappointing" is putting it mildly.  "Heartbreaking" is a more like it.

Worth it?
For die-hard fans, is it worth the price of a movie ticket?  It would be worth it only if you want to see what a disaster this movie really is.  But, I have to warn you.  This movie is actually boring.  I know, it's hard to imagine how a Stephanie Plum novel could be made into a boring movie, but they managed to do it with a script that is amateurish and disjointed, in fact embarrassing at times.

I really wanted this to be a good movie.  The books are great, but the movie will piss off fans and anyone who paid full price for a ticket.  It should be retitled, One for the Waste of Your Money.