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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Chocolate & peanut butter wonderfulness!
I'm back.  I've been busy with my online Photoshop class and have neglected my beloved blog for over a month.  No more! Back to blogging, I say.

Today, I'd like to share a really fun Easter vid that is over-the-top on cuteness and as irresistible as Dove milk chocolate peanut butter eggs!

What's cuter than puppies?...Darling chicks?...Adorable puppies with bunny ear collars?...Baby bunnies in a basket?...How about white baby bunnies with pink noseez & chicks in an Easter basket?...How about all of them playing and romping around in soft, green grass?

Indulge your inner cutefulness & have a great Easter!

Tonight's supper:  Jambalaya & shrimp made with Zak's homemade veggie broth seasoned with fresh rosemary & oregano from our garden.

Now, for your enjoyment, I present:  Puppy Easter on You Tube!  Vid by Devin Graham, music by Stephen Anderson.

To enlarge, click on Puppy Easter and go to the You Tube site.  You can also scroll over the You Tube icon in the bottom right corner of the vid and go directly to You Tube.  To watch it full-screen on You Tube, click the 4-arrows icon in the bottom right corner of the vid.


More Easter yumfulness...

i ❤ Dove peanut butter & milk choc