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Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday—The Reading Corner: Pulitzer Prizes 2012

Two big surprises:  NO AWARDS for fiction or editorial writing!  Holy cow, that says something!  (I probably will never get a Pulitzer as long as I am using the phrase, "Holy cow.")  

Pulitzer Prize_For excellence in journalism & the arts

2012 Pulitzer Prize Winners  

Here's a link to with a list of the winners in each of the categories.

•  Nice to see that the online news website, THE HUFFINGTON POST, has picked up its first Pulitzer in the hefty category of national reporting for David Wood's stunning, in-depth series, Beyond the Battlefield, about wounded American vets returning to life after service.

•  Also worth noting, a well-deserved Pulitzer went to 24-year old crime reporter, Sara Ganim, of the Patriot News in Harrisburg, PA, for breaking the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse story.  Her exhaustive coverage of this horrifying story also revealed the all-too-familiar warped perspectives of those who willingly participated in the cover-up.  I say, give her another one, just for good measure.

•  Another worthy online website, POLITICO, received recognition for editorial cartooning by Matt Wuerker for his entertaining illustrative commentaries on partisan politics in Washington.

•  The Pulitzer in music went to Kevin Puts for Silent Night: Opera in Two Acts, the astoundingly beautiful modern opera based on the true story of a spontaneous, Christmas time cease-fire among opposing Scottish, French, and German troops during World War I.

The Pulitzer Prize celebrates remarkable achievements in the humanities, specifically in the areas of journalism, the arts and letters.  For those of us with college degrees in Humanities, it is a reminder that these things matter.  These are integral components of human culture, and when it comes down to it, everyday life.  Achievements in these areas do no less than enhance the human condition and bring quality, depth, and richness to our lives.

Congrats to all of this year's winners!