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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday's Cupboard—My Best Cornbread

Delicious with Heidi's taco soup!
Mrs. Cushing's Cornbread ~ Recipe from Steve's grandma, Ethel Mills

This recipe is (hold on a sec...I'm counting)...32 years old!  At least, since Ethel gave it to me in 1980.  I'm not sure how long Ethel had the recipe, but she told me that she got it from her neighbor, Mrs. Cushing.  Who knows where Mrs. Cushing got it, but I like Ethel's note about letting the butter melt in the pan while the oven is preheating.  Practical Midwestern kitchen sense, if you ask me.  ;o)

It takes about 20-25 minutes to bake in a metal pan, 15-18 mins. in a glass pan.  Figure about 10 minutes for prep time.

Last week, I posted Heidi's wonderful taco soup recipe.  It's SO EASY and GOOD!  After I got back from our sister visit in Florida last week, I made her taco soup and whipped up a quick batch of this cornbread.  They're a perfect match!  They're both easy, hearty & delicious.

Heidi's taco soup 
I like a little kick with my cornbread (heh, you know what I mean), so I sprinkled chili powder on top before I popped it into the oven.  Serve with butter and homemade jam.  Seriously g----ood!


Makes 1 - 8"x 8" pan, 9 (3-1/2 inch) squares
Serves 4
Prep Time: 10 mins.
Cooking Time:  20-25 mins (5 mins. less if you use a glass pan or a muffin tin)

•  2 T. butter
Spray an 8"x 8" square baking pan with PAM.  Put the cold butter in the baking pan & let it melt in the oven while the oven preheats.  Preheat oven to 425°F.  Combine the rest of the ingredients in a mixing bowl & mix in the melted butter before baking.

•  3/8 cup sugar
•  1/2 c. yellow cornmeal
•  1 egg
•  2 tsp. baking powder
•  1/2 c. nonfat milk
•  1/2 tsp. kosher salt
•  1 c. unbleached white baker's flour

Mix ingreds. together with a fork until smooth; add melted butter. Pour batter back into the pan, sprinkle with chili powder, if desired, & bake 20-25 mins. @425°F in an 8"x 8" METAL PAN.

GLASS PAN:  Bake 15-18 mins.  MUFFIN PAN:  15-18 mins.  Bake until light brown around the edges & a toothpick comes out clean.

Cut into 9 squares (if you're using a nonstick pan, use a non-scratch knife to cut the squares).  Serve warm with butter & homemade jam or honey.