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Tuesday's Cupboard—2012 White Pomegranate Jelly

An early 2012 harvest & golden white pomegranate jelly

I love this time of year!  The days grow shorter, the nights grow cooler, and it's time to pick white pomegranates from our tree in Boulder City, Nevada.  
More Water, Less Often We had a good crop this year.  I changed the watering cycle from short daily waterings twice a day (before sunrise and at 9 p.m.) to longer, deeper watering cycles four times a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) twice a day during the peak summer months.

I followed SNWA (Southern Nevada Water Authority) seasonal watering schedules, and the plants thrived.  The cedars and the rosemarys are spectacularly fragrant, and the lantana are full of tiny lilac blossoms.  The asparagus ferns are lush, and even the slow-growing nandinas have filled out.  I've never seen the fan palm more beautiful!      
Leaffooted Bugs What causes them? Last year for the first time, the white pom tree was invaded by leaffooted bugs.  These large, nasty varmints …