Have a Collaborative Week!

How cognitive science defines creativity

Oakland Bay Bridge_photo by dsmp
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The Creative Process
Preparation:  How do I do this?...is the first step in the creative process.  A willingness to chase down ideas.  Learning.

Incubation:  Mind-wandering away from the current task, then returning to the task.  Exploring.  Let go of standard notions.

Illumination:  Recognition of new connections.

Verification:  Critical thinking.  Craft the message to the intended audience.

Creative Collaboration
The sum of all ideas.  Your ideas are not you.  A criticism of your ideas is not a criticism of you.  The creation of something that is grander than anything you could ever produce on your own.

Letting Go of Singularity
Transforming:  Take an idea and create variations.  Innovating on top of a platform that already exists.  Giving people the freedom to combine and transform; making something that did not exist before.

Keep Pushing
Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just get to work.  --Chuck Close, Photorealistic Artist

Get inspired...How To Be Creative_Off Book_PBS Digital Studios (9:13 minutes)

Have a wonderfully creative week!

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