Wednesday—Good for You, Good for Your Fireplace

Sharing this fantastic DIY idea from Pepper Design Blog!

A great DIY for your fireplace screen!

I've been looking for a way to give my brick fireplace a facelift before it's time to start writing Christmas cards on November 1st...I think this is it!

Two years ago, I overhauled our outdated wallpapered living room and painted the walls, ceilings, and center beam in basic white.  I brought the entire room into this century by replacing dingy shutters with white textured curtains from West Elm.  The carpet came back to life after a thorough cleaning with environmentally-safe rug shampoo, and we replaced the 1980's beveled-glass chandelier over the dining room table with a fantastic white flower petal pendant lamp from Amazon.

Photos from Pepper Design Blog
The only thing left was the original brick fireplace!  Okay, white paint it is, and I'll finish it off with this neat DIY fireplace screen.  I really like the aspen disks against the black matte chalkboard painted background.  Very cool!  It looks like it stands upright on its own.  If not, use a couple of pieces of scrap wood attached to the base of the screen in back to provide support.


This screen was originally designed for a non-working fireplace, so if yours is still working, stick with a  safer wire screen.  This one is all wood and basically made of kindling!

Get out your nail gun, kids!  This is going to be fun...

Click HERE for DIY instructions   

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