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A Library: A World History by James P. Campbell

Twin lion statues in front of the NY Public Library_1948
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons_via National Archives

For the Love of Libraries
For those of us who spent our childhoods quietly wandering through the numbered stacks of a big city library in pursuit of not just one book, but as many as we were allowed to check out, libraries represent all that is good about humanity.

The depth of human knowledge and the full spectrum of the human experience sits on alphabetized shelves waiting to be extricated, opened, and absorbed by curious minds.  Libraries were created to preserve our collective wisdom and to free our collective spirit.  The world's most beautiful architecture rose up to protect and preserve the collections of kings, philosophers, scientists, and monks.

James WP Campbell, fellow in architecture and history of art at Queen's College, Cambridge, and  photographer, Will Pryce, traveled to 20 countries to document 82 magnificent libraries.  From the State Library of Berlin, which houses the world's largest collection of Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's manuscripts, to the colossal New York Public Library reading room, it is a journey through time, architectural expression, and intellectual expansion.

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