Monday—The Singing Crickets Corner

The reason why chirping crickets are so soothing...

Cricket Music_a poem by dsmp

When musician, Jim Wilson, sat down to experiment with the sound of crickets singing in his backyard, he discovered something wonderful.  At a much slower speed, the chorus of crickets sounds like a tabernacle choir.

What you are hearing is two tracks, the original recording played at normal speed, and the slowed down version of the same track in which the crickets sound like a heavenly chorus of angels.  From the soundcloud website, acornavi, by Ivan Roca... 

If you have problems hearing the recording, double-click on the acornavi icon & go directly to the website.

Click HERE for a truly fascinating blog post from Starts With A Bang written by theoretical astrophysicist, Ethan Siegel (who completed his PhD at the University of Florida), explaining the science behind what you are hearing.

It's super cool stuff, and as a linguist who has always been interested in animal languages, this really floats my boat!  Birds, whales, and as it turns out crickets are truly making beautiful music.

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