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Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday—The Rock & Roll Gallery_ZEPP

In case you missed this over the holidays...

The Kennedy Center honors Led Zeppelin

Foo Fighters_Rock and Roll

Kid Rock_Ramble On

Lenny Kravitz_Whole Lotta Love

Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart_Stairway to Heaven

Friday—The Photoshop Gallery_The Rez, Northstar & Meyer Lemons

My end-of-the week Photoshop pix & cool stuff that has to do with creative work

lafayette reservoir

On the Road to Better Photography

On January 15, I will begin a 4-week, twice-weekly online class in Lightroom.  For those of you who don't know what that is, it's an Adobe application for storing and sharing photographs, like iPhoto, but with some pretty sophisticated organization, editing, and creative tools.

The class is being taught by my Beyond Layers PS texture instructor, Kim Klassen, and the fee is $75.  Here is why Kim likes using Lightroom, along with her course outline for the Lightroom class that I'll be taking (called Round Trip).

Lightroom, You Gotta Love It_by Kim Klassen

Round Trip Overview & Class Outline by Kim Klassen

If you love what Photoshop & Photoshop Elements can do, you might want to take this class.


I'm always on the lookout for freebies because I'm a big believer in sharing creative tools.  Pretty much anything you want to learn can be found online for free, and I like sharing that information.

Here are some of the free resources that I have used in the past and/or am currently using...

Free Photoshop tutorials by Kim Klassen

The 10-minute texture tutorial is a lot of fun!  This is where I started a year ago with PS textures.

Our Top Photography Articles of 2012  from Digital Photo Buzz

This is a blog that I subscribe to written by a NoCal wedding & portrait photographer, Mark Stagi.  Since I am now plugged into Lightroom and I love tilt shift photography, the first 5 articles caught my eye.

Take a look at that last article, Pricing Your Photography, written by someone who actually makes a living as a photographer.  This talks about the business side of photography and how the numbers have to add up.

More pix from this week...In the interest of transparency, the deer was photoshopped in  :)

martis meadow_near truckee_tahoe

meyer lemons from our tree