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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday—Stuff In My Garage

Introducing the Saturday store!  Weekly treasures and neat stuff for sale.

steps to the new year
First things first...

I'm reviving my craft biz this year, something I meant to do last year, but I couldn't get my time or my thoughts organized enough to set it up.  I got a little confidence booster over the holidays in the form of a nice conversation with a downtown retailer, and I'm ready to start.

My Best Helper Daughter is coming to visit this Wednesday for 3 weeks, and she is a wonderkind at organizing.  I have to clear out my workroom, and a big cleaning job is always less of a chore in the company of someone you love.

I used to give away a lot of treasures, and I was happy to do it because it all went to help local charities.  The kids are grown now, and our lifestyle requires less of the stuff that it takes to run a family of two parents and two growing kids.  During those years, I collected and stored a lot of things that were connected in time and in circumstances to having kids at home.  You never know when a talking animatronic animal wearing a graduation hat might come in handy...

That time has passed, and it's a good year to clear out my collectibles, including my quilts, some great old books, and some fun collectible toys.

Stay tuned for the online garage sale every Saturday here on Don't Steal My Pen!


1.  Name the craft biz

2.  Name the virtual garage sale

3.  Clean out my workroom

4.  Figure out how to install PayPal

Buh-bye & have a wonderful, productive week!