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Tuesday's Cupboard—Saigon Subs

A delicious sandwich from WW Magazine July / August 2012.  I adapted a veggie version using Wildwood savory baked tofu instead of pork cutlets.  Super good, super healthy, and a one glass recipe...iow, it's easy enough to make while you enjoy a glass of wine! 
Saigon Subs Serves 4 Ingredients

Slaw •  1 small bag of fresh shredded cabbage & carrots •  1 T. brown sugar •  Juice of 1 lime (about 2 T.) •  kosher salt •  Optional:  I add  a couple of squirts of Newman's Own Lite Low-Fat Sesame Ginger salad dressing for an extra shot of flavor
Veggie-Style or Meat-Style •  2—6 oz. pkgs. of Wildwood organic, savory-flavor baked tofu—sliced lenth-wise to make 8 pieces

Optional pork version:  Four 3-oz. trimmed lean pork cutlets, seasoned lightly with kosher salt & ground black pepper

•  2 T. extra-virgin olive oil

Bread & Fixings •  4 sturdy sandwich rolls (I use ciabatta or Dutch crunch rolls)
•  1/4 c. of your favorite mayo •  a few dashes of Cholula chipotle hot sauce
•  1 cuc…