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Saturday, January 12, 2013

THe sAturdAY StOre

Narrowing down the search
What's left of my list of potential online store names...Navigating the search for domain names

Last week, I said that I'd come up with a name for my new online store.  Well, I'm still working on it, and here's why.  For each of the 18 names on my list, I had to do a google search to see if anyone was already using them, and sure enough, most of them were already taken.

I sat down with my daughter who lives in Copenhagen and asked her for some fun Danish words that might work for the name of a craft boutique.  You'd be surprised how many people have named their businesses after the Danish word,  flodhest, which literally means "river horse."

River horse is a cool name, and I thought it had a folksy, western feel to it that would cover the variety of primitive craft items that I like to make.  It turns out that it also makes a pretty classy name for a restaurant in Park City, Utah; a hip name for a brewing company in New Jersey; and an aptly named title of a book about a boat trip across America's waterways.  So much for River Horse Crafts.

So, here's the list and all of the reasons why I had to cross them off...

1.  Det Lille Billede Hus, meaning The Little Picture House
Isn't that a great name for a Photoshop biz?!  It's also a great name for a cinematic theater in Hyde Park, as well as the name of the first cooperative movie theater in the U.S.  And, somebody grabbed it on MySpace.  So much for The Little Picture House...

2.  weedely-doos
I loved this name!  Cute, fun to say, and it connotes playfulness.  It also sounds like I might be selling pot accessories.  Nope.  No weedley-doos pour moi.

3.  fümph & fümphzich
This was a nonsense word we made up loosely based on the German word for "55," funfundfünfzig.  I'm 55 years old, and I wanted to include a number in the name.  A google search produces no results, which is good news, but a search for "fümph"alone produces a gazillion hits in German, none of which I understand except that fümph means five.  It would be a good name for a company that sells coo-coo clocks or anything German.  But, not crafts & antiques.

4.  quatre chats
A no-brainer because I have four cats, but it sounds like I'm selling products for cats...which I am not.

5.  t & applejacks
"T" for the first letter of my name and applejacks because it's a cute homespun word.  Kellogg's has done such a marvelous job of branding their cereal that it's the first thing that anyone thinks of when they hear "applejacks."  Take the "s" off and make it "t & applejack," and it's a great name for a wine & spirits producer.

6.  darn good pig
Again, a cute homespun name, which has nothing to do with crafts or antiques, but we liked it.  Probably a better name for a bbq joint or a breakfast café.

7.  pindsvin
This means "hedgehog" in Danish, but there is already someone on twitter with this name, and there is a guitar player on facebook whose first name is pindsvin.

8.  marsvin  
This means "guinea pig" in Danish and is already being used by a programming blog.

9.  sveskemos
This translates in Danish as "prune mouse," and it's a term of endearment like, "baby" or "sweetiepie."  Someone on twitter already has it, and it looks like it's the name of a professional poker player.

10.  it's made of marzipan
Cute, but better for a gourmet confectioner.

11.  the marzipan pig
In Denmark, the marzipan pig is the prize that goes to the person who finds the hidden almond in their Christmas pudding.  Again, better for a bakery or a candy shop.

12.  the sewing room
About a thousand places that sell sewing machines and sewing supplies.

13.  digging dog   
There's a farm, a nursery, and a statue named, "digging dog."

14.  mississippi whistlepig
Well, I'm not from Mississippi, but we liked the sound of this one.  It's one of my daughter's screen names, and a whistle-pig, btw, is a groundhog.  There are lots of references to whistlepigs, including Whistlepig rye whiskey, Whistlepig Studio, and Whistle Pig Hollow.  Too many whistlepigs...

15.  river horse
Cool Westerny name already taken by a few dozen other peeps.

16.  coldycat
Named after our sweet neighbor cat who comes by to visit when it's cold outside.  There's already an Etsy seller with this name, and it looks like there may be a dating & friendship website called, coldycat.  I can't tell what it is, exactly, but I don't want to click on the link to find out.

These last couple of names are a play on my age...55.  It would be a good way to remember the year that I started the business.

17.  cinqity5 or cinqitycinq (pronounced, sink-ity-sink)
 Cinq means "five" in French, and the shop that is interested in selling my stuff has a French country theme.  The French pronunciation is "sank," but I like it as "sinkity-sink."  Cinquain is French for "collection of five," and it's a 5-line verse form of poetry.  Because of that, it's all over google in a variety of places, including the name of a deviantART artist (cinq cinquain) and Cinq Cinq Design.  Clever people...

18.  fivvity5 or fivvityfive
Same thing as cinqity5, but the hip-hop Americanized version, which you all know that I am.  It would make a neat logo.  From what I can gather, "fivvity fave" means that you like something (so far, so good), and giving someone a fivvity five means giving them a score of 5 out of 10, as in half endorsed.  That's not so bad, and it may be kind of self-depricating and humble.  Also, a high five is good, and five fingers as in sewing, typing, painting...hands-on creative.  So, I grabbed the domain names for this one, and right now, it's a top contender.