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tHe sAturDaY stOrE

Key decisions & selling online — Structuring the business

My best ideas come to me in the shower, and this morning it occured to me that I should use my first name in the name of my online store.  It's a pretty unique name.  So unique that most people want to turn it into something else, like Tori or Lori or Terri or Thor.

Retail icons like Macy's, Tiffany & Co., Harrods, and Bloomingdale's were stylishly named after their founders, so if it was good enough for them, it's fine with me, too.  Oprah has an unusual first name, and it has worked pretty well for her.  Martha Stewart Living is an instantly identifiable brand, and so is every fashion & fragrance designer.  Troi it is!  And, I figured out how to use a number in the labeling. Design-wise, this appeals to me.

After consulting with my resident Internet branding expert, I have decided to place 3 separate individual lines under one master collection.

troipix > photography

troicrafts > craft line