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The sAtuRDaY stOrE—Tools of the Trade

Moving from a point & shoot cam to a beginner ILC (interchangeable lens camera)

Congratulate me!!  What time is it?  What day is it?  I need a drink...Four days of research and four days behind on my blog, but it was worth it!  I bought a new camera.  It shipped 2-day free on Amazon Prime, so I'll get it on Friday.  I needed a memory card to store all of the wonderful new pix I'll be taking with this little dream cam, so I got the one that most Amazon buyers purchased with this camera,  32 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card by Transcend (bundled with the camera at a discount or $23.95 purchased separately + free shipping with Amazon Prime).  Here's what I got...  

Panasonic Lumix DMC - GF5 Live MOS Micro Four-Thirds Compact System Camera (CSC) with a 3-inch touchscreen

Comparing the Lumix GF5 to the higher end Lumix GX1


•  It's pretty
•  It's white
•  It's beginner friendly
•  It's a micro four-thirds mirrorless interchangeable lens digital camera