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Saturday, February 2, 2013

tHe sATurDaY sTorE—troicollections makeover

new troicollections logo
Learning Wordpress, one headache at a time...troicollections is up!

Thank gawd for Advil and Prosecco.

Sheesh...putting up a website is hard work.  I'm fairly certain that I'm past the noob stage on WP.  At least, I figured out how to move pictures by cutting & pasting code.

I'm beginning to see a method to my madness...

Day 1
Spend 12 hours on the computer trying to decipher the magic incantation that the Illuminati puppets who programmed the free blog templates on WordPress decided to inflict upon humanity.  Around dinner time, I feel like sobbing uncontrollably.  Then I go to bed with a migraine.

Day 2
More of the same, and I have a neckache.  I start to imagine myself crawling up a sandy hill in a hot desert...Pleeeeeease work, oh mighty deity of blogs!  I snarl at intruders who dare to enter my desktop domain.  I fall into bed & watch Conan until I drift into a dreamless, fitful sleep.

Day 3
I get up the next morning around 5:30 a.m. and drink most of the coffee before Steve & Zak get up.  I spend the day in a virtual fistfight with whatever template I'm using and finally call it a draw around 10 p.m.  I crawl into bed exhausted and sleep until somebody attempts to communicate with me the next morning.

Day 4
And, on the fourth day...The sun is shining, cats are purring, birds are singing, squirrels and baby deer are scampering around the back yard.  I take a shower, poof myself with froo-froo powder, put on make-up and my favorite pants.  Life is good!  And, when I sit down at the computer, I'm pretty sure that I hear a heavenly chorus of angels celebrating my deliverance from HTML purgatory.

It's that good when things click!  

I gave troicollections a makeover today and posted 2 books for sale about Nevada.  Take a look HERE

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