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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday's Cupboard—Carrot-Ginger Soup

Bunny rabbits would like this soup, if bunny rabbits made soup...

A no-fuss supper for busy days when you don't have time to cook!  You won't believe how good this smells as it's cooking.  This soup is great in the Springtime when the weather is still cool and baby carrots tender & flavorful.

Top with sour cream_black pepper & fresh cilantro or chives

And, it's economical!  A bag of baby carrots, a red onion, a couple of veggie bouillon cubes, a handful of brown rice, a can of chilies, jarred ginger, sour cream, and some chopped cilantro.  Baddaboom-baddabing!  Everything into the crockpot...3 hours on high, whip it, top it, eat it!

The original recipe came from Weight Watchers' great little Super-Foods cookbook.  I simplified & cooled it down by substituting a can of mild chilies for the original fresh habañeros.  And, I skipped cooking the onions in oil beforehand.  Throw them into pot fresh, and they're just as yummy.

I also used regular rice rather than quick-cooking rice.  Quick-cooking rice is pre-cooked & dehydrated, and it usually turns mushy in most recipes, so I use regular brown rice, and it works fine.  I've used fresh ginger in this recipe as well as jarred, and I like both.  You can't beat jarred for convenience, and the flavor is just as good.  Fresh ingredient purists will argue with that, and I usually prefer fresh ingredients, but for this recipe, go for the BIG EASY.

The original recipe also said to transfer the solids out after everything is cooked & blend the sour cream into the broth, then add the solids back in.  My way is faster & less trouble!    

The flavors in this soup are simply wonderful!    

Makes 6 servings --  Adapted from Weight Watchers Super-Foods Cookbook © 2006
Special equipment:  a large crockpot, an immersion blender

Creamy Carrot - Ginger Soup


•  1 large red onion, chopped
•  2 lb. bag of baby carrots, whole
•  4 c. hot water + 2 double-size vegetable bouillon cubes, dissolved
•  1/3 c. uncooked long-grain brown rice
•  2 T. jarred minced ginger
•  1 - 4 oz. can of mild chopped chilies

•  2 c. nonfat or lowfat sour cream_reserve a few teaspoons to use as garnish for each bowl
•  1 bunch of fresh, rinsed cilantro or 1 bunch of fresh chives_chopped, for garnish

My ingredients

As colorful as it is delicious!
Blend all ingredients with an immersion blender

Make It!

1.  Chop the red onion; add it to the crockpot.  Chop the cilantro &/or chives; store in the fridge for use just before serving.

2.  Add carrots, uncooked rice, ginger & chilies to the crockpot.  

2.  Microwave 4 c. of water with 2 double-size vegetable bullion cubes until hot & cubes start to disintegrate.  Mix & pour over the rest of the ingredients in the crockpot.

4.  Set on high & cook until carrots are tender, about 3 to 4 hours, depending on how high your crockpot cooks.  My 7 qt. crockpot is new & cooks fairly hot.  My original 1980 Rival crock pot is smaller & doesn't cook as hot, so if your crockpot is "vintage" like mine, give it extra time (about 5 hours).  

5.  Remove the crockpot from the heating apparatus & place it on a heat-proof surface.  Get out your immersion blender, purée all of the solids, then add the sour cream & blend until creamy & smooth.

6.  Pour into bowls & garnish with a blob of sour cream & a sprinkle of fresh cilantro or chives