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Wednesday—Good For You, Good for Funky Fitness

Retro fun fitness  — The Royal Canadian Air Force Exercises

Introduction by Roger Duhamel, Queen's Printer (Pocket Books, Inc. © rev. edition 1962) 
After two years of painstaking research, an RCAF team of doctors, scientists, physical education specialists and artists produced the 5BX and XBX Plans for Physical Fitness.

That's right.  A crack team of Canadians came up with this fitness program, and it really works! It was originally developed in 1956 for RCAF pilots, a third of whom were not fit enough to fly.  Dr. Orban to the rescue!  
I don't know if it's the repetitions or the 1950's Jack Lalanne meets Gypsy Boots devotion to healthy living that gives me the giggles, but this is a nice alternative to hopping over dog crap at the reservoir.  The following video is a perfect demonstration of how fun it is!  Keep watching...It gets funnier toward the end & reminds me so much of how we used to do these exercises.  

Here's why I love the XBX_Five Basic Exerci…