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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday's Cupboard—Good Pizza

In celebration of neighborhood eateries, East Coast style—a Walnut Creek local fave

pancoast pizza guys
Pan Coast Pizza  1516 south main street  •  walnut creek  •  925 954 1178
Run by husband-wife chefs, Robert Pancoast & Julie Tobias-Pancoast

Click HERE for their facebook link

Great pizza is more than just dough, tomato sauce & some shredded cheese.  Awesome pizza begins with a perfect handmade dough_not too thin, not too thick; and when it's baked, it's crispy on the backside, toasty on the top.  

Add a layer of rich, fresh tomato sauce that is bursting with Italian deliciousness_just the right amount to cover the pie.  (I know, because I watched them put it on there.)  Then, finish it off with a cascade of wonderful toppings & specialty cheeses that cater to East Bay overindulgence when it comes to delicious food.  

Choose from any of their specialty pizzas_small $16_large $26
•  Julie's (a 4-cheese mush-spinach veggie) 
•  E.A.S.T. (a bacon & egg treat)
•  Meatza'zola (sausage & pepperoni with gorgonzola)
•  The White Cap (for white pizza lovers)
•  Heat Wave (hot coppa, pineapple salsa, jalapeño & goat cheese)
•  The Benjamin Franklin
•  The Golden Gate
•  Esquared
•  Marguerite's

Toppings include...

spicy Italian sausage
sweet Italian sausage
rosemary ham
applewood smoked bacon
hot coppa
Italian meatballs
smoked chicken
sundried tomatoes
fresh basil
roasted mushrooms
caramelized red onions
kalamata olives
fresh fennel (when it's in season)
fresh spinach
roasted red bell peppers
fresh tomatoes (seasonal)
roasted garlic
hot & sweet peppers

Fab Cheeses!
fresh fior di latte mozzarella
goat cheese
smoked mozz

Have a seat at one of the cozy round tables & watch old-style through the glass as the guys make your pie.  You can stare at the bowl of tasty-looking garlic pizza knots on the other side of the glass & contemplate the need for a side of ranch dressing with those yummy things...

Or, you can watch how happy the other diners are when their large 18" piping hot,     Margherite's pizza is brought to their table.  Serious yummitude!!

We came home with 2 heavenly-smelling boxes, a small 12" Meatza'zola and a small White Cap.  The Meatza'zola has just the right amount of meat, and the toppings do not overwhelm the delicious sauce & crust underneath.  I love white pizzas, and the White Cap is spectacular_one of the best I've ever had.  A good slice of white pizza is like a Lay's potato chip.  You keep going back for one more even after you're done eating.  

And, if you're in a NYC kind of mood, go in for just a slice of cheese, pepperoni, veggie (for us California-types), or D.O.I., aka The Daily Bob.  Not sure what that is, but I'm sure that it's delicious.  Slices are $3 for the cheese, $3.50 for the pepperoni & veggie.   

They also have other goodies that every self-respecting neighborhood pizza place should have, i.e. hoagies (cold & hot subs), grinders (think toasted subs with meatballs), and strombolis (stuffed pizzas in a pocket).  Add avos to any of the sandwiches or include them in one of the fresh salads that are also on the menu.  Avos to Californians are like hotdogs to New Yorkers.  G'ahead, have some!  

SALADS_side_entrée_family size_$4 to $13
•  Caesar (traditional with pizza croutons)
•  Organic green (carrots, cukes, seasonal greens & cherry toms_choice of ranch, vinaigrette or Caesar)
•  Chopped Veggie (romaine, red bells peppers, toms, cukes, fennel, onions, fresh mozz, artichoke hearts (yay!!), pepperoncinis, kalamata olives & oregano garlic vinaigrette)
•  Spinach (bacon, gorgonzola, caramelized onions, pears (when they're in season) & balsamic vinaigrette

For $2, they'll deliver.  But, we highly recommend stopping in, especially if you live in the neighborhood.  What's this place got over any other pizza place in town besides great tasting pizza pies?  It's got a very cool vibe.  And, it passes muster with our  SOHO culinary school trained son.  Their website is a little slow to load, so here's the menu...bon appétit!       

Check out the bottled Mexican Coke